Airlock Microgateway 4

Will there be any helm chart for Microgateway release 4? I don’t understand how we will keep track of the changes in future versions.

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Hi @hgebrael

We have planned to release a Helm Chart with the version Microgateway 4.1. Meanwhile you can watch our GitHub repo airlock/microgateway to get notified about changes.

The release notes have been made available in GitHub under releases. Therefore, it could be interesting to watch the GitHub repo anyway.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you for your response. I have lot of issues related to installation and the injection of the sidecar container. Will it be possible to setup a quick meeting or provide more detailed instructions on how to perform the installation? Was the installation tested on AKS 1.26.x? The operator installation is failing on this step:

kubectl apply -k

I could deploy Microgateway Operator 4.0 in Azure Kubernetes 1.26.0 following this guide Airlock


Thank you for your support.
Could you please advise if the license-guard and license-guard-redis deployment can be scaled to more than 2 replicas? The reason is that we need to set a pod anti-affinity and pdb for better reliability.
Also what will happen if one of these pods did not start properly, will the microgateway block all requests?


No requests are blocked in Premium edition if the license-guard is unreachable.

In Microgateway 4.2 we will get rid of the license guard. So, you no worries anymore about this component.