How to create read only user in WAF 7.3

Hi Team . I want to create read only user in WAF 7.3 , but no option to create new read only users with airlock-user-manager-tool and showing the default four roles only (airlock-admin, airlock-supervisor, airlock-auditor & airlock-app-admin). Kindly guide me. Thank you

Senthil R

Hi Senthil

I think that you want a system user, to access the console, right?. For WAF 7.3 and older, this is described in a Techzone article: How to create read-only users for console and SSH | Techzone

In Gateway 7.6 this is part of the regular manual: SMC

The airlock-user-manager-tool is used to create users for the Configuration Center (Web UI) but not for SSH/Console access.

I hope this guidance helps.